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APC Cell Apps: 4
Instructor: Watkins   
   Small Device Programming’s primary objective is to explore basic computer programming and move toward creating Android applications and simple control of a digital devices.
   The class will explore and develop skills relating to logic and its place in computer programming. The class will use the MIT developed utility Scratch to build simple applications and learn the basic conventions of programming. Also, the class will use the Google and MIT developed utility App Inventor to create simple Android phone and tablet applications. I expect the class to build applications that include: simple drawing tools, simple games, communication tools and other device applications. Finally, the class will be introduced to digital device engineering and programming using Arduino, a common robotics microprocessor based controller.
Mini Golf Game - Watkins Style
Objective: Create a miniature golf app.

Your APP must:
1)the ball is propelled with a flick of your finger
2)the hole relocates after each successful collision with the ball
3)three "trees" that must to new locations for each hole
4)the ball bounces off the edges and the trees
5)the APP keeps track of strokes for the hole, overall stroke and the hole number
6)a hole reset button in case the trees lap over the hole
7)a game reset button
8)ball speed is controlled by how hard you flick your finger

50 points
Tilt Ball Game
Objective-Use the accelerometer built into your device to control the game ball sprite.

You will build a game that simply causes one ball sprite to roll into another on a canvas. The black ball sprite is controlled by the tilting of your device. The red ball sprite is the target. The red ball starts with a radius of 50. Each time it is hit, a point is recorded, the level number is changed, the red ball radius decreases and the red ball sprite is randomly moved to another location on the screen. After 30 seconds, the game times out and allows to user to reset it and start again.

1-10 pixel radius black ball sprite
1-50 pixel radius red ball sprite
1-accelerometer sensor

I recommend proceeding in this order:
1.place a black ball sprite on the canvas and tie its movement to values produced by the accelerometer. Once you get the black ball sprite to move correctly when you tilt the phone....
2.Place a red ball sprite on the canvas. Set its radius to 50. Program the device when the sprite is collided with the black ball sprite to 1)add a point to the score 2)move the red ball sprite to a random location on the screen. 3)Reduce the size of the red ball sprite by 15-20%.
3.Set up a countdown clock to change screens when the timer hits 0.

50 points (when I accept that the project looks and works like a real game).
Trap Shooting/Procedures
Objective-Use procedures(create blocks) to simplify code.

You will create a Scratch (or Snap if you are brave) game that:
-Simulates a 10 shot trap shooting competition
-Traps fly one at a time from either side of the stage
-The shooter is in the middle and can aim over a 180 degree arc
-One shot per pull.
-Score keeping
-Sound effects ( "pull!", shot noise, hit noise)
-Reset button
Traps fly faster as game goes on
life earned with completion of levels
bonus targets

50 points
*****check out the tip sheet PDF in the files section
Electric Piano Project
Objective: Use Scratch to create a piano with user selected instruments and duration.

Step 1: Create sprites for 7 white keys and 5 black keys. Create a knob sprite for the instrument selection and setting the length of each key's duration.
Step 2: Program each sprite key with it's correct note.
Step 3: Program the instrument selection knob to select from 10 possible instruments.
Step 4: Program the duration knob to play the note from a very short time to a long time.

Due 10/16/15
20 points
2 Digit Calculator
Objective: Create a simple calculator that allows a 2 digit input. (ie. 45 + 67)
10 points
45 Degree PacMan
Objective: You will create a PacMan game that is set in a maze 45 degree off from a normal PacMan game.

You game will have:
1. PacMan move on his own, you use the arrow keys to turn him.
2. Five Scoring scoring sprites
3. touching a maze reset the PacMan and take a life.
4.Two moving enemies
5.Score keeping
6.Three non-renewable lives (with a graphical indicator)
7.A game environment set 45 degrees from normal

50 points -DUE Friday September 18 -No late projects will be accepted.
Tuesday Quiz
I will ask you to build me a count down timer. This timer will:
-ask for a time(number) input up to 60 seconds.
-count down by 1's
-when it hits 0 seconds, play a sound and/or show the text
"Time's Up."
-after 5 seconds, the program will reset itself and ask for another number.
-use a graphical theme of rabbits

I will not allow you to use something you made prior to Monday. I need to see you code this, then present it to me.

20 points
Quiz-Monday August 31
Please access this link and complete the quiz.
*This is a quiz, you may not receive any help from others in the class.*

20 points

****Printer Broke....Begging Principal for $$$
Last Friday my printer had serious issues. angry

Please be patient while I round up another color printer and print your assignments.
Quiz Monday August 17
Essentially, anything that comes out of my mouth Thursday and Friday, along with the contents of the posted learning movies could possibly be on the Monday quiz.

20 points
Discussion Topics
CELL APPS August 17
Material covered with movies and class discussion
To take a quiz, you must be logged in and a member of the class.

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